The Flea at La Tienda is weekly event that runs from May through October each year.  It’s always on Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

  • Want to have a yard sale, but don’t want strangers at your house? The Flea is your solution. Only $20/space with advance registration
  • Love shopping for that unique treasure? Come to The Flea!

The Flea is located in at La Tienda at Eldorado, just fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Fe. La Tienda is a dynamic shopping and community center filled with interesting shops, great restaurants and coffee shop and the Santa Fe Brewing Company tasting room. It has full amenities (as in you don’t have to use a port-a-potty 🙂 )

With ample parking, a convenient location just off I-25, and a great community vibe, The Flea is the flea market in Santa Fe.  Call (505) 930-4821 for more information.

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  1. Hi Destiny – The site says next market May 19th, 2017. That is a Friday. Should it be May, 20th, 2017? thanks Vince

  2. Destiny, I would welcome more flea markets per month. every other Saturday…??? more weekends, the better. I am a vendor of fine antiques and fine valuables…keep it real , one of the dirt parking lot vendor’.s….chuck harrison …

  3. We went to the flea market today It was awesome. So much batter than any other around Santa Fe. Would love to have them more often. I would also like to be a vendor there this summer. Will definitely go back.

  4. I am in Roswell so would definitely love to have more opportunities to come to the Flea in Santa Fe! Bi-weekly is my vote.

  5. Hello Destiny, I am filling out the vendor information sheet and it asks for space reservation. We’d like to view the map and possibly reserve a spot prior to sending in our payment and form. Thanks!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for reminding me to update the form. I no longer do space reservations because I’m not providing tents anymore. Had a micro burst that came through and took down our big ones and that was enough for me! Spaces are first come, first serve and there aren’t really any better ones. Call us at 505 428-0024 with questions. Thanks.

  6. I play Celtic harp and was wondering if I could bring it to play on in our booth (we’ve already bought our ticket) to give me something do while waiting for some sales?

    • That would be wonderful. We have a musician on the stage from about 9:30 – 11, but if you park on the far end, away from the stage, you shouldn’t interfere with each other.

  7. Hi Destiny,
    Will you have a Flea on Oct. 21? We want to show thousands of beautiful buttons from our collection at ButtonBird.com. We used to own Santa Fe Fabrics and we’ll bring THAT many great buttons. If you’ll be open that is. Will be fun to hang in Eldorado again, we miss you all!
    Nancy and Jack Arnold,
    Santa Fe Fabrics/ButtonBird.com

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